Hamilton Loomis ... Yessss!

Rear Window Listening Room, 107 E. Menefee Ave., Ganado, TX 77962

Absolutely no doubt about it, HAMILTON LOOMIS delivers a mind altering, earth shaking performance time after time after time! You cannot hear Loomis at the Rear Window without coming away in a better mood than when you came. It is rumored that after hearing them at the Rear Window, you may not only feel better, but you may also look better and perform better in all areas of your life. Your children will love you more and will do better in school, too. All in all, this is one of the greatest investments you can make, not just for yourself, but for your family and friends as well. Don't believe me? Just come to this show on Friday August 7th and see. It is highly likely that you will become an avid fan and patient of the Loomis phenomenon after the first couple of measures.

If there were a Dream Team of R&B, Funk, Rock, and Light Jazz, it would be called HAMILTON LOOMIS and his WORLD CLASS BAND. As the front man for this group, Hamilton has a vast pedigree of music highlighted by his being mentored by the legendary Bo Diddley from an early age. Loomis in infused with a melting pot of music styles that just keep you wanting more. With that background, he has attracted and assembled one of the most talented musicians and backup vocalists that I have ever seen under one roof at the same time. Hamilton's World Class Band consists of Fabian Hernandez on Saxaphone, Armando Aussenac on Drums, and Dante Ware on Bass. Each of these musicians are notable in their peer groups throughout the world, and they absolutely deliver the goods time and time again, raising the bar EVERY TIME ... NO EXCEPTIONS.

You cannot get enough of this musical foursome and you will definitely not want this evening to end ... ever. To make it a very complete evening, consider joining us for a home-cooked, catered meal by Lori Tegeler of the Ganado Cafe.

The menu for tonight is ... Roast Beef - Mashed Potatoes - Green Beans - Tossed Salad - Roll - Dessert Served with Iced Tea or Water

Don't hesitate, get your tickets NOW ... this show will sell out!! If you haven't heard them at the Rear Window, then you really haven't heard them.