Friday May 1st

The Rear Window is thrilled to present

C L A U D E   B O U R B O N

Claude Bourbon
Rear Window Listening Room
Friday May 1, 2015
107 E. Menefee Avenue / Ganado Texas
Dinner & Show $27 Doors Open at 7:00
Show Only $15 Doors Open at 7:30
Curtain: 8:00

The last time this Frenchman came to the Rear Window, he delivered a show that was well above all our expectations. The only difference between his debut performance and this Friday night is that Bourbon has, of course, grown better and better with age. Claude not only delivers great music and song, but his sense of humor is well-above-average and he keeps his audience entertained with plenty of laughter, too. Please make your plans to come and welcome this international troubador back to the Rear Window stage. This is a show you will not want to end!

"Billed as a pre Valentine’s blues infused, evening of guitar and song, well-travelled on both sides of the Atlantic, UK based Swiss French singer songwriter Claude Bourbon weaves his songs through the audience as if on a journey through life taking in different flavors of Europe and beyond. His Spanish medieval blues evolved into Gypsy, Eastern European, with a splash of Paco de Lucia, Delta Blues and more. 

Holding audience attention under a musical spell, the stunningly lit Victorian Chapel venue, Royal Victoria Country Park, proved the perfect setting for the man and his Gibson. A simply stunning rendition of Gershwin’s ‘Summertime’ had those Valentine partners dancing with a rapturous audience applause for this timeless classic.
The simple stage set of red and black blended with evocative coloured uplighting on the ornate Chapel ceiling. Twelve red roses graced the table and formed the cue for the well-received encore with a bluesy song of the same name. Soon to be off on a 34 gig tour of the US and Canada, Claude Bourbon was a popular Chapel Sessions artist!" ... Sonja Davison




Tonight's Menu
Four Cheese Lasagna, Tossed Salad, Garlic Bread, Dessert
Served with Iced Tea or Water


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If you really love music, and find yourself sometimes wishing you had some friends who loved it even half as much as you, then you have come to the right place. The Rear Window audience is comprised, primarily, of music lovers who really enjoy being able to hear the performers play their music without the usual noise that keeps you from being able to hear much of the songs. We present a wide variety of music styles or genres, and artists who write and perform their own music.

Most of the music is considered "Americana" which really means, country, alternate rock, rockabilly, rhythm & blues, bluegrass, jazz, funk, folk, and just about anything else you can imagine. Because music has largely to do with personal taste, you will like some of our shows better than others, but we guarantee that you will always be glad you came.

You can probably imagine the vast number of singer-songwriters and performers  who pitch their music to record companies each and every day. Yet, a record company typically has only one or two people who choose the artists they will push to stardom. So, as you can see, it is very likely that record companies pass up some of the best music you will Never Hear. That means some of the Best Music never hits the radio or television, because it doesn't get the very costly promotions that record companies invest in "Their Choices."

At the Rear Window Listening Room, you will hear some of the best music you have ever heard, performed by artists who are extremely talented and have devoted their lives to creating and playing music. We also have some artists who are either on the verge of making it big or have already started down that road and still take time to come by the Rear Window. Susan Gibson has written a single that sold 14 million copies (that's a lot), and Sean Ashby, coming in April, has four multi-platinum records to his credit. Richard Smith, coming June 9th, is hailed as the one of the World's Greatest finger-picking guitarists, ever; and Actor & singer-songwriter Ronny Cox (the guitar player at the beginning of the movie "Deliverance") comes to the Rear Window regularly. So, plan to come to the Rear Window Listening Room and join us for some fabulous music and overall excellent entertainment.


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