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Rear Window Listening Room
July 30, 2016 Saturday
107 E. Menefee Ave. / Ganado, TX 77962
$15 Show Only - Doors Open 7:30
$27 Dinner & Show - Doors Open 7:00
Due to Sound Check there is No Early Admittance
Seating is limited ... make reservations now!

Every band has a history and some are lucky enough to leave a legacy. JBF Band is rich in history and can only pray that the lyrics and music will leave a kingdom legacy that points folks to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  To HIM be ALL GLORY, forever and ever, Amen!

 JBF is writing a living testimony, a story that changes as HE sees fit. Throughout the past 6+ years, God has blessed us with talented musicians & friends with amazing gifts and stories all their own. Bands come and go – but true friendships live on. Each and every one that has blessed JBF with their gifts and talents have left their fingerprints on our hearts and on this ministry. I know they have touched our lives and I know they’ve touched yours!  We love this ministry and we are blessed and humbled, to say the least, that we get the unique opportunities and blessings to do what we love with people we love in churches we love and have learned so much from.
This is a new season for JBF. We’ll be welcoming some amazingly talented friends to the band and ministry. We welcome them with open arms and pray you will as well! We don’t see this new season as a beginning, rather a continuation of something truly amazing. Those who have plowed the fields with us in the past have blessed Harold and I – to the core! Craig, Lee, Dennis, Ronnie – there are no words to thank you for your gifts, your heart for music, your friendship, your love for the cowboy church, the life lessons you’ve taught us, and mostly for your testimony of love and faith in our Savior.  Our lives are changed forever by each of you. You have blessed us in more ways that we can ever say. You have blessed many with your gifts and talents. We pray God’s richest and most abundant blessings over you for all eternity. Until we worship together again one day in heaven, God bless you and keep you!

Tonight's MENU
Grilled Chicken, Penne Noodles, Mixed Veggies, Tossed Salad, Roll, Dessert
Served with Iced Tea or Water

To make your reservations, please send an email to rearwindowlr@gmail.com with Your Name, The Show you are making reservations for, The Number of Dinner & Show or Show Only tickets you require, and  A Contact Phone Number.

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