Not for the faint of heart ...
from Chicago by way of Israel

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Date: Thursday October 9, 2014
Time: Show starts 8:00 PM
Dinner & Show Tickets $25 - Doors Open at 7:00 PM
Show Only Tickets $15 - Doors Open at 7:30 PM
Location: 107 E. Menefee Avenue / Ganado, Texas 77962

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Marbin was formed in their native country, Israel, in June of 2007, by guitarist Dani Rabin and saxophonist Danny Markovitch. In 2009, after relocating to Chicago, the duo released their self-titled debut album. The album received high praise from many well-respected publications, including All About Jazz, The Examiner, CD Baby (featured as an "Editor's Pick"), The Jazz Police and more.
In 2009, Rabin and Markovitch collaborated with the 7-time Grammy winner and former Pat Metheny Group drummer, Paul Wertico (a Chicago native), on his critically-acclaimed record, 
Impressions of a City. The record received a 4.5-star rating from Downbeat Magazine, and was very well-received throughout the modern jazz world.
During those sessions, a special chemistry was born between them. Wertico became a full-fledged member of Marbin, playing tour dates and bringing his masterful touch and talents to 2011's breakthrough follow-up album, Breaking The Cycle. Together with Paul's former bandmate and current Pat Metheny Group bassist, Steve Rodby, the group's first effort for MoonJune Records covered a broad palette of styles and made quite a splash on the progressive music world.
Despite both Dani Rabin and Danny Markovitch being in their mid-20's and only having played together for less than four years at the time of recording BTC for MoonJune, there is a unique synergy to their playing. Stylistically, both musicians display musical chops and sensibilities that defy their young ages.
Their compositions reflect that accelerated musical maturity -- displaying advanced melodic, harmonic and rhythmic concepts, but never sounding forced or contrived. Combine their individual styles, grace, diversity and unusual mastery of their respective instruments with the intuitive, complimentary fashion in which they play with one another, and you have a formula which bodes well for the future of Marbin (and progressive music fans around the globe!).
Performing live has always been a passion for Marbin, as anyone can attest who's ever attendied one of their shows or infamous "apartment concerts" -- like the one MoonJune's Leonardo Pavkovic attended, after which, he immediately signed them!
The diversity of styles and influences
encapsulated within the pair never fails to produce unique, memorable moments for listeners. In the short space of just a couple short years in the US, Marbin have played at:
The Chi-town Jazz Festival,
St John's Buskers On the Boardwalk Festival (NB, Canada),
Harvest and Jazz Festival (NY),
Walk In The Woods (WI),
Burke Center Wine Festival (Burke, VA),
Unicity Festival (MD),
People's Festival (Marquette, MI),
Chopin Theatre, Andy's, Green Mill, The Jazz Showcase, Fitzgerald's, Evanston Space, Underground Wonder Bar, Purple Fiddle, The Abbey and many, many more. In the last two years, there are only six or seven states these hard-working artists haven't played in!
Traveling and playing across the country constantly -- from small Midwestern towns, to major cities on both coasts -- this all-original, all-instrumental band strikes a chord with every audience. Marbin are considered one of the hardest-working of independent U.S. bands -- having played over 450 gigs in the USA and Canada over the last two-and-a-half years.
Never ones for sitting still for very long, the group has established themselves as one of the most talented and potent new maelstroms to shake the worlds of jazz-rock fusion and progressive music in recent memory. Despite their relatively young ages, Marbin are compiling quite an impressive resume and getting some great exposure.
Marbin is making their presence felt and placing their indelible stamp on progressive music. They are a band whose time has clearly arrived.


Tonight's Menu
Grilled Chicken, Penne Noodles, Mixed Veggies, Tossed Salad, Roll, Dessert
Served with Iced Tea or Water

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If you really love music, and find yourself sometimes wishing you had some friends who loved it even half as much as you, then you have come to the right place. The Rear Window audience is comprised, primarily, of music lovers who really enjoy being able to hear the performers play their music without the usual noise that keeps you from being able to hear much of the songs. We present a wide variety of music styles or genres, and artists who write and perform their own music.

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At the Rear Window Listening Room, you will hear some of the best music you have ever heard, performed by artists who are extremely talented and have devoted their lives to creating and playing music. We also have some artists who are either on the verge of making it big or have already started down that road and still take time to come by the Rear Window. Susan Gibson has written a single that sold 14 million copies (that's a lot), and Sean Ashby, coming in April, has four multi-platinum records to his credit. Richard Smith, coming June 9th, is hailed as the one of the World's Greatest finger-picking guitarists, ever; and Actor & singer-songwriter Ronny Cox (the guitar player at the beginning of the movie "Deliverance") comes to the Rear Window regularly. So, plan to come to the Rear Window Listening Room and join us for some fabulous music and overall excellent entertainment.

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